Finished Colmar Academy, would appreciate feedback!

Hi! Took about a week or so, but I finally did it… Completed mobile responsiveness at 600width and added some hover interactions. I would greatly appreciate your feedback, though. I guess an issue I had on my 1440p monitor was not being able to make the classes section to be perfectly in 2 rows of 3

Colmar Academy Github code

Live website

Hi !

Good job ! I think the design is not very user friendly (image size is too big for example).

I have a problem of responsive when a reduce my screen on computer, look the nav bar and the padding for the button. But the grid is ok on this screen size ;).

Have fun !

PS : It’s Colmar in France ? I ask because i’m french aha

Oh wow, I see that. I didn’t think I had to account for a screen of that size haha. Thank you for letting me know! Do you know how I can go about that image specifically? I had some trouble with that image for some reason