Finished C# Now What?

Hello everyone, I have been learning coding for almost 1 year and I started with Codeacademy’s computer science course and when I finished it I jumped in C# course and now I finished it. So here is the question I really loved C# and this is the reason why I switched to C# after I finished computer science path and now I don’t know where should I focus. I really liked Codeacademy’s practical courses but it has only ASP.Net course for C#. Any advice or suggestion?

I’m in the same boat as you, finished Computer Science career path and currently taking the C# course.

Take the ASP.NET course next, and after that, there’s a skill path you can take that utilizes both of them, “Build Web Apps With ASP.NET”. That’s the path I’m looking at for myself right now. A lot of companies are looking for .NET engineers!

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I’m currently taking full stack engineer career path because it seems like a worthy long course.

I chose to take that also after Computer Science path (I’m 25% complete right now), but I chatted with an engineer at my company and he suggested the C# and .NET path if I wanted to transition roles. So I halted full stack to take C#. Full stack is fun though! Great way to build front and back-end websites.

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Well, I also wanted to continue with C# but I couldn’t find a valid path for me to follow to be a .Net full-stack engineer. Moreover, according to my researches on the internet about being a full-stack .Net developer, CSS HTML and javascript are still essentials. Now, I aim to learn real programming and I feel like I’m stuck at basics but now with a full-stack engineer path, I think I can manage to learn how to use related technologies, etc. and so become a real junior programmer. Then I may be thinking of becoming a .Net developer. Moreover, in codeacademy there is only C# and ASP.Net course and when they finished, there is nothing more related to .Net. Am ı Wrong ?

Solid plan! After the C# and ASP. NET courses, I plan to take the skill path “Build Web Apps with ASP.NET”. According to the syllabus, at the end you create a web app of your own. It’s all about taking the knowledge we learn and translating it into building programs/websites/etc. So we can showcase it on our resumes. Career and skills paths are a good way of doing that for sure.

But after C#, ASP. NET, and then the skills path I talked about, I’ll plan on taking SQL and Git courses because my engineer coworker also said I’ll need knowledge in that.

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Full stack engineer para has all of that you planned. But of course not with C#. You have also a solid plan.

Hey guys!

I have just started my C# journey, I’ve been doing this for a week now and right now I am on a chapter: “Data Types and Variables/Mad Libs”.

I’m just wondering if you guys also had a hard time understanding certain things at this point and do you have any tips for me on how to get through the course in the best way?

Thanks in advance!