Finelly failed!


Hi everyone! :slightly_smiling:
I usually don't fail when it comes to code but this time..... I can't really see the error here xD And this is the exercise 1!!!! xD
These are the instructions:

01. It's always polite to ask your user if they are ready to play.
02. Using the confirm command, make sure your user is ready to play. For example, I would use the sentence "I am ready to play!". Add whatever phrase you would like in the confirm.

And this is my code:

confirm("Just let me play!");

I did it with "I am ready to play" as well and also did it with the code in the hint => confirm("I understand confirm!"); and it still doesn't work... I might be just tired but if you see my error pleas tell me because I can't really see it xD
And this is the error message:

TypeError: Function expected


Hi this one works try it confirm("I am ready to play")


Hi @molock, I wouldn't call that failing :smile: Making mistakes or not being able to figure out what's wrong is all part of coding - that's also how you learn!

I've checked out your code and it doesn't seem like that's anything wrong. Have you typed anything else in?


I refreshed the pagend and it worked... O.o But thanks for the reply anyway xD I guess that Codecademy was just messing with me for fun xD