Finding Free, Online, HTML/CSS/Javascript editors/IDE's

Hi, I am a HTML coder and I am struggling to find free, online, no download HTML IDE’s and editors(in which you can create multiple html files and compile/run them together) which I can use to create websites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, my device for this is a Macbook Air. Any ideas?

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Is there a particular reason that you specifically don’t want to download/install an editor/IDE? :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend

But honestly, like @thepitycoder said, why don’t you want to download an IDE? It’s really much easier and more convenient.

My only device is a school computer and I am not allowed to download anything, also it is an old MacBook Air, so it has its limitations. I tried, but I can’t figure out how to create a second html file in the same repl. Thank you so much for your time by the way.

To the left of the screen, there’s a vertical menu bar.

Top icon, which looks like a piece of paper, is the Files option. In there, at the top, there’s the same paper icon with a green plus icon. Click that to add a file.

You provide the name and extension, so to add mystyles.css you would put that as the new file name. :+1:t2:

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Thank you for responding so quickly! However, I tried creating a new html file with a simple paragraph as a test to see if it would run, and neither the origonal or the second html file ran. I tried deleting the code in the first html file and running the second html file, and it still doesn’t run. Is it possible that I need to somehow link the two files together or that I’m not compiling the second file correctly?

Try linking the two files by an anchor link, see this example below

If you check the file list, it shows I have two different files, index.html and index2.html. The way to access index2.html is to add a link to the original file, index.html.

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Yes it works! Thank you so much!


The pre-created index.html file is what the repl will run by default.

Note that you won’t see any output in the bottom panel until you “run” the repl using the button at the top of the screen. :blush:

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