Finding a python developer job after codecademy

So I’ll make it very quick. I have two bachelor degrees in business and exactly no work experience in any of those fields that I studied in (one bach in tourism management and another bach degree in accounting) I’ve had an extremely hard time even getting interviews for podunk positions, and I couldn’t even get one for an internship, and I was always denied jobs due to the fact that all of them require experience and I have none since I just had my degree.

So this is the one thing that worries me since even developer jobs that don’t post experience requirements will imply that they want experienced developers. Coding is something I wanted to do because I did want to program point-and-click video games (that’s actually what got me interested in the beginning, even if I was still focused on trying to find an accounting job.

But right now I am honestly really, really worried about the future. If I finish my current data analysis python course (I already completed the create a website course and I took web dev in the past). I want to know how I can get a job after I complete the courses and maybe finish multiple projects as a proof of concept. My history of spending years studying something, earning a degree, only for me to end up working jobs that don’t require more than a high school diploma (even maybe!) has been an extremely disappointing road to travel down. I know that nothing is guaranteed… but I really want guaranteed employed, if not only for the decades I spent learning.

Does anyone have any guides or suggestions as to how to find a job? Because that is my ultimate weakness.

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