FIND YOUR HAT_ challenge project

I think that either the classes training session is too limited for this challenge or this challenge is way too tough for the learning material.

The classes material before this challenge didn’t really go into much of what is required for this challenge, does anyone recommend another source for learning about classes and ‘this’?

p.s I think Codecademy is the best [not moaning]

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I’m assuming you’re talking about Javascript, so here:

but I really suggest just searching it up yourself. The internet is your friend (sometimes)!

Thanks for taking the time with that,

I was commenting on the course layout and looking for personal recommendations not trying to suggest that I don’t know how to use Google.

I thought the whole point of this forum was to ask questions

I’m sorry if it came off that way! I’m just saying that I’ve learned a lot by searching up my problems, as most of the time they are already answered in some form. Because I control what I search up, I’m able to learn a lot more than just taking suggestions from someone else.

It is, so ask away!