Find Your Hat Challenge Project (JavaScript)

I had to do the same, it was a hard project! Great job!

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Thank you for your feedback. We are moving little by little. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi. This is my first time sharing my project in here. Just want to interact with the community. This is my project github link: GitHub - WaronLimsakul/find-your-hat-game . Thanks!

Here is my solution! GitHub - borgesenioc/find-your-hat: This game is part of the Backend Engineer path at Codecademy. (with a little help from GPT4)

Fun project. Sharing my code here.

This was a fun project, felt pretty open-ended on how to approach. Was really happy with my print function for hiding the holes, ended up being simple but was thinking about doing it so much more complicated before I figured it out!

here is my solution in the game.js

Looks like the link broke to the walk through


Very difficult project for a beginner: i used ChatGpt to explain to me and study what to do.
This is my repository:

Hi everyone this is my solution.

on Gist: Codecademy export · GitHub
on My Github: codecademy_challenges/001-find-your-hat-starting-challenges/main.js at main · oscarhermawan17/codecademy_challenges · GitHub

Could you review it? Thank you

Please feel free to look at my code for the Find Your Hat back end challenge project.
Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

This was such a fun project. I don’t do this very often with the Codecademy challenge/portfolio projects but I found myself getting sidetracked and playing around before I had completed all of the basic tasks. As I was working on task 4 I ended up adding functionality to the resetField helper so that the player can customise their field if they choose to play again. At one point I started playing with randomly generating the field. As I was looking at the task 7 extension tasks, I saw the ‘create a hard mode’ bullet point and that lead to me implementing a prompt for the player to choose their difficulty level. I will definitely have a go at the task 7 extension tasks. I’ve put them in my read me roadmap section. Through playing the game myself I definitely think that the field validator would be much needed. Often it generates fields that are impossible to play as it puts loads of holes around the hat, especially in the harder difficulties. So I need to sort that out.

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took quite long time;

This was very challenging. Seems to show up on all paths front/back/fullstack

My solution to this

Hello everybody.
Let me share my version of this task:


I did some refactoring and created three classes for Field, Player, and Game logic, organizing the code into separate parts. This structure allows for the addition of features like enemies in the future. I completed only the first sub-exercise from task 7. I might return to finish this project after completing Chapter 4. I want to take on the challenge of creating this game with React.js.

Hey everyone, here is the solution I came up with:

I wrote my solution in TypeScript because I’ve also been learning that.

At some point I made do some refactoring - one big issue at the moment is the use of the word ‘Field’ to mean the class which holds the game board, and the ‘PlayingFiled’ type I defined to constrain the actual 2-dimensional array to only be able to hold the characters which make up the game.

Please share any more feedback you have!

4 years and this post still holds a lot of truth.

Although I am enjoying CodeCademy as a whole and it Is helping me brushing off some rust in some or several concepts and it is providing valuable information in other topics/concepts I didn’t deepen previously, I feel that some projects/exercises are harder if we compare to the lessons and the topics covered.
And I do understand that it is our job to research and dig in to complete and “get out of our comfort zone” but some like this Project is way out of pace.