Find The Average


I have to create a program in python that inputs numbers from the keyboard until the user types -99. Then, the program will output the average of the numbers, rounded to one decimal place. This is an example-27%20PM. This is what I did so far, Click on this link

while number != -99:
    number = int(input(""))
    sum = sum + number
    count += 1

The problem is that you count -99 also to the sum and the count. this will drastically change your output. Since the code should not divide (1+4+5+7+8+ -99)/(count = 6) but (1+4+5+7+8)/(count = 5).
So this means if you use the number -99 as the number to step out of the loop you cant count it as a valid input to the sum and the count.

Also your count starts on zero. This means the number which you divide the sum with will be 1 less than the actual number.
You could define this as 1 or you could remove the -1 in (count-1) when you calculate the answer.

If your stuck, here is a working version. Try yourself first tho.

count = 1
sum = 0.0
number = 1

if count == 0:
    print("Input some number")

while number != -99:
	number = int(input(""))
	if(number != -99):
		sum = sum + number
		count += 1

print("the average should be: ",float(sum / (count-1)))


Hey Birra,
Your program works for the first 2 examples however in the third program, when I input 1, 4, 5, 7 , -99, the output shows 4.25. Its supposed to output 4.2.


I bet you can handle that part yourself.

You will need to round or floor the number. This is a good place to start your search.


Can you help me out, I still can’t figure it out, Is it math. fsum


Sorry mate. It is a learning experience. Go by trial and error. If you fail you’le just have to start again.

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Is it math. fsum