Find in JavaScript documentation?

There’s links in the exercises that make you go to the JavaScript documentation to scour through miles of documentation to find something and come back to the CodeAcademy documentation?

This is the stupidest way of teaching a programming language that I can imagine.

Definitely made me quit using CodeAcademy and buy a course of Udemy and I likely won’t return cuz this is the an extremely frustrating way to learn.

I don’t want to constantly be leaving the coding environment to comb through endless documentation to find an obscure method.


You haven’t linked to the exercise(s), so I can’t opine on whether the tasks being asked by the Codecademy instructions are annoying or not. But I will say that documentation is our friend, and we should try to become familiar with where to look in the documentation for features and details of the language as needed. One can remember the basic syntax and frequently used methods/functions, but browsing the documentation or doing web searches is often necessary to find the right tool for the task. Whenever I need to acquaint myself with the parameters, return values, examples, edge cases or special remarks, I find the documentation to be a great resource. Documentation can sometimes be very detailed, so I very rarely read every single paragraph and section. I just read the sections relevant to what I am currently trying to accomplish/understand.

Makes sense, thanks for sharing. The way you described it makes perfect sense. I think I was being a little grouchy and I appreciate your thoughtful response. You inspired me to acquaint myself, become friendlier, and appreciate the value of the documentation.

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