Find a Starting Point: Possible Content Discussion

This thread is meant for interested open-content contributors to engage in discussions and explore ideas for creating effective documentation for the Docs repository.

Feel free to exchange valuable insights, share experiences, and gain guidance on how to get started with creating impactful documentation.

This would be a perfect space to discuss possible topics for Docs and where they would best fit in the project. For example, if you’re comfortable with a particular topic and wish to add an entry about it, but are unsure where it would fit in the project or how to get started, create a comment here and we can help you find out where that topic can live.

I was looking through the HTML chapter and I noticed that it was missing an entry on IDs. Since this attribute is often taught with the class attribute, I think it should be a new entry, and I would love to create it! :slight_smile:

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That’s great! :grinning: HTML is quite fun. We do have an attribute entry on id, but definitely feel free to look over the entry and see if any information is missing or needs to be edited.

There is also a term entry on the class attribute so if you would like to take a look at both entries and make additions/edits, that would be awesome!

If there are any other attributes you can in mind that aren’t mentioned in HTML Attributes, please let us know.

Good idea @christine_yang! I checked through the list and I don’t see an entry on src. Can I write an entry on that?

Sounds like a good idea to me! The terms currently covered are all global attributes, meaning they can be applied to all types of tags.

src is a bit different because it’s specific to certain media tags (I recommend playing around with it on different browsers and referring to other documentation sites to see what it’s compatible with). Currently, the attribute terms cover only global attributes (compatible with all tags) and if you look at the actual entry itself, you’ll see that src is used as an example.

I’d recommend creating a pull request for the following additions and changes:

  1. Create the src term entry under HTML attributes
  2. Remove the src example from the attributes entry (incorporate this into the term entry you create)

Hope this makes sense but please let me know otherwise! Hope to see you in the Docs repo!

Thanks @christine_yang! I raised the issue . Can you assign it to me please?

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