Financial Analysis with Python, Numpy and Pandas

This is the URL to my github site, GitHub - mkmasterblaster/Tech-Stock-Visualization: Codecademy Tech Stock Visualization Project
I hope that it is self explanatory.
Please provide nice feedback and opportunities for improvement.

Thank you

Congrats on completing the project.

I’m not sure if the directions state to use Jupyter Notebook (or Google Colab) for the project, but it might be a good idea. They’re better for presenting analysis (more so than a .py file).
You put a lot of work into it and if you were presenting it to an audience, they wouldn’t be able to follow along. They’d need to see visualizations and a key insights from your analysis.

Oops, I see there’s a link for a Slides presentation (my bad). :woman_facepalming:

Consider nixing the requirement for people to request access to the file but rather make it viewable (read-only mode) to anyone who has the link.

That is a good opportunity for improvement. The Google slide presentation is now open to everyone who has the link.