Finally went PRO

After a couple of months I finally signed up for codeacademy PRO last night. I lost all my 100% completed sections and couldn’t be happier. Now I have a ton of more lessons to go thru. Thanks for the motivation!

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Woah that’s crazy. I didn’t happen when I switched to pro so maybe support can help. @alyssavigil.


Hey @matthatters, thanks for becoming a Pro member! (And thanks @colethelion321 for looping me into this conversation :slight_smile: )

I checked in with a member of our support team, and I gathered this: "With Codecademy (not Pro) you can only access lessons. Therefore, after you complete all lessons in a course, the course will display 100% complete. Once you upgrade to Pro, course completion percentages will account for lessons + quizzes and projects, dropping the % of completion down, but boosting what’s available to complete way up."

Does that make sense? You haven’t lost any work, only gained more content to work through toward “completion”. :smiley:


Yes, I had figured that that was what was going to happen and went PRO for just that reason. Sorry, if my post did not come across that way, but I was legitimately happy to “lose my 100% completions”. I am looking forward to having more projects and quizzes. Sorry if I made you do extra work.

Codeacademy PRO rocks!


Awesome! Thanks for clarifying!

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Nice! Another Pro member here on CodeCademy =)