Finally finished 5/7 and this lesson, so who/what is CoderAPS in Github?


Like the billions of other users, I had a little trouble getting past exercise 5 of 7, and none of the related posts were helpful to ME, though they've helped others. The 2nd instruction area remained red until I confirmed AGAIN that I was in the right directory. So, if you're having trouble getting through this lesson, use ls, and confirm you're in the personal-website directory. If not, use cd (or even cd personal-website if you can) to get there._

Deploy a Website - Commit Your Changes

So, I make it past that point only to discover that Git shows the commits completed by CoderAPS. Can someone please explain to me why CoderAPS is showing as the account that committed to my repository? I do not like that at all. I did the work and I pushed it to Git. Why does another account get the credit for my site that I pushed to my git account?

Is this a thing CC does so that the world sees this lesson was done on codecademy? If so, I think you should find another way. IMHO,you aren't being fair to the users who worked hard to get through that crazy lesson. If we got through it, we deserve the credit for our hard work.

Is this a fluke? I doubt it because it happened twice.

Is it just sort of the program/info we used? The genesis of how the information got there?

Frankly, and again JMHO, Codecademy needs to seriously think about clarifying their instructions. Tons of people, including myself, had primarily the exact same or very similar issues on each exercise in this entire lesson. With that many people experiencing the same problems while FOLLOWING the instructions, it is clear something isn't quite right. In other words (for one consideration), let users know when they need to migrate to the appropriate directory instead of just instructing users to type this or that. We follow those instructions and they don't work because we aren't in the right place. Too much time is being wasted on this, and that's just ridiculous when clearer instructions would resolve the issues for many people. Just sayin'. A little clarification can go a long way. :slight_smile:

Anyway, why is CoderAPS listed, and not my account name????
Thank you! :blush:


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When you make a commit there's a name and email associated with it. That information is taken from ~/.gitconfig and .git/config
There is probably already a ~/.gitconfig with dummy name/email which you commited with
That github account has set their email to that dummy email and the commits are therefore associated with it


Thanks for responding!
I'm actually not sure what you're trying to say. If I committed with a dummy name/email, it's because that's the information that's there by the person who created this course set it up. Or, wait-- Are you saying the creator of this course set up a dummy name and email address, and then some bozo came along and decided to use that very name and email address? :slight_frown:


the account name isn't in .gitconfig, git doesn't care about github


Hmmm :thinking: This is a problem. Is this something CC will check on and do something about since this is their course, or will I be left to my own devices?


Okay, your other comment is gone. .thisorthat isn't the issue. The issue is info is being committed from CC to github, and it's happening under that account's name. I wanted to know if this is something CC is going to look into. By your responses, I'm guessing not.


It's not a problem, aside from as you say that another account name shows up, but nothing other than that happens.
Probably not, no. They're not exactly scrambling to fix the directory thing either, and that's a bigger problem


Tru dat. Thanks Red train. :slight_smile:


It's possible to create new commits based on those you have, with a new name/mail, and then replace the old repository with the result. It's just that it's more complicated than the rest you've done, and all that's in that repository is the scaffold website generated by jekyll. The reason for using a git repository isn't as much to save work history but to use as a deployment mechanism.


Thanks for the link. I appreciate that.
I'm a little uneasy about that account which is why I posted this, so I do appreciate you responding. Looking at that account, it isn't showing recent commits though it's showing up as the only account that committed to my repo. What you mentioned sounds like something worth trying just for the experience if nothing else though I do hope to resolve this. I'm just real uncomfortable with that, and I don't get why, within the CC exercise, my credentials were required if my information isn't there as the account that committed. It can't be just to commit to my account's repo. Something just feels wrong about that.


No account commited. That happened entirely outside github.
Your account pushed to github. Your account is the owner of that repo and is therefore the only one able to push to it unless you give others permission as well.
Github then displays the commits by email, found an account with that email, and used that name


Okay, I get that about GH displaying commits by email.
Github found an account with my email address and used that account name? They can't have 2 active accounts with the same email. Or, it pushed under a different email address instead of mine from the lesson which is why it shows a different account. There are some itty bitty critters in here somewhere. :eyes: sigh

Well, if I can't change it, I'm going to have to delete the entire repo. I can't deal with someone else or another account showing as having done something they didn't do. I can't start out with crazy happening because it just makes figuring everything out even more difficult.

Says only commits by CoderAPS


No, your email wasn't in the commit. That's the point. You committed with

Committing and pushing are two different actions. You committed with You pushed with your account, otherwise it would not have been accepted by the repository because your account is the only one with push permission unless you also gave that permission to others.

Your account controls that remote repository. You can push any commits, including those with a different email, because that's just part of the data in the commit. Which email you commit with has nothing to do with github, it's information added by git when creating the commit. And git is not github or vice versa.


It is as I said in the post, CC is why the commits are under that name. I'm not getting off on side points here, and I do know the difference. What matters is that info is IN github - in my github account - with another user as the one who committed it. The lesson just shouldn't be setup that way.


Well. Still dummy info, which is stored in the commits, just data.
I agree that seeing another account is distracting, but not in that there's a meaningful interaction between the two accounts


Agreed. Thank you, @ionatan, for your time and your input. It is much appreciated.


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