Finally completed Django-Delight Project! I really (seriosly) will apreciate any of your feedbacks or advices!

I am really happy to share my project into community and I hope that Codecademy community will grow and inspire more and more people every day!

So, it took me 3 full days to finish and deploy this project. I would say that the most hard and frustrating part was deploying it… I decided to do it on Heroku, and it was very hard to figure out how to connect a database. I had a very big amount of errors, and I needed to fix them all (even everything was working great on a local server). On a local machine it works with a SQL3Lite DB and on Heroku it works with Heroku Postgres DB.

I also decided to make the project a little bit more complex and not just to implement Delete, Update and List and Create view for each model, but to implement Inline Formsets for RecipeRequirement. Also I used some JQuery to make it possible to delete several purchase and ingirident instances at the same time and not updating the page. So, some of my views are multifunctional, and they serve as delete and list views at the same time.

I do not have a special page to edit Recipe Requirement for Menu Items. BUT. You can do it on the each Menu Item in the Menu Items page. There is an edit view for each Menu Item where you can add or delete its recipe requirements.

Even I think this project is not really usefull in the real world, it helped me to developed a basic knowledge of how to do a CRUD aplication. For the real world, I think it needs lot more functionality and also a client side version of it.

On the Home Page you can find creadential to login (if you do not want to register there). I WOULD BE REALLY HAPPY IF YOU WILL TEST THE FUNCTIONALITY AND WILL INTERACT WITH MY DATABASE (sound weird, but…)

Finally, here is live link to my project - HEROKU LINK

Here is a link to GitHub - GitHub - voytkojazz/my-restaurant


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