Final project!

How can I add a pdf file? It says the documents isn’t available. thanks!

here’s my site so far!

I’ve never had to add a pdf, but from Googling it looks like you can just add a pdf to a file and link to it like to would HTML. eg: <a href="acrobat_file.pdf">pdf file</a>

For your website, the design and colours are really good! The photo layout in the section with the red background looks very good. There are some issues with the code though.

The one major issue was that the site isn’t very responsive for different screen sizes. On mobile, and even on some laptop screens, the ‘PHOTOGRAPHY’ text will extend off the page. With all the different screen sizes today (mobile, laptop, desktop) responsiveness is really important. Try using media queries to set different font sizes for different screens, and add the meta tag here to the head of the page:

I noticed you’re also missing a few meta tags, the most important one being title. Also, it’s also good practice to put alt attributes on images. It helps with SEO and lets blind people see a description of the image.

Also you’re downloading Monserrat from Google fonts but not using it, and then calling Century Gothic, but not downloading it, so it defaults to sans-serif for most computers.

You can link to your PDF file as you would any other file - just add an anchor tag around the text or image you want to link to the PDF and enter the file path. For example, your link could like this:

Sample PDF