Final project - Issues on tablet and smartphone display


Here is my final project:
It looks ok on computer screen but I have display issues on smartphone and tablets and just can't find out the solution.
I saw we often have the same issues among the ones who shared their final project.
Do you know any way to get it displayed nicely on all devices?

Thanks in advance.



you could write a few pages essay on this. i would read this, to understand the grid system better. (you only use col-xs, no col-sm or col-md)

what are displays issues? hard for us to guess. What is it you dislike?


haha! Thanks for your fast reply!
I will check again the grid system.

Here is what I see on my smartphone.
Issue with "main" div of my index page. The text shows below the picture, not on it:

Please let me know you need more details.
Thanks a lot for your help, I will be waiting for your news.



seems you fixed it? Now it is working fin (tried it on my ipod touch)

I will check my mobile phone in a bit



Yes thanks, I could fix the Header but the background picture is still not covering the screen of my smartphone (Xperia). I wrote exactly same code for background picture of all pages but the one of the index doesn't show well. I still can't find out why.



i will see if i can findout