Final Project is done! Finally! (it took me 2 weeks instead of 5 hours)


It's alive!
Please leave your opinion on my 1st website ever (pure HTML/CSS). (Not anymore since I finished JavaScript course. My topic on jQuery Final Project:

I am really thankful for any review or opinion, mates!


it works..!!!


It does, indeed!
Thank you!


Looks great! You can tell a lot of the extra effort paid off!!


Oh, yes! Thank you for your appreciation!


Your website design looks verry good to me i like it :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much! I had to read web design and interface design basics in order to make it look the way I want. Of course CodeCademy's links to free HD photos and icons helped me. Extra web search also helped, though.
Just be creative and don't let any imperfection you see to pass through!:slight_smile: