Final Project: Interactive Blog website using React & Redux with Local Storage as an internal database

Hello Everyone!
Just finished the Front-End Career , as a final Portfolio project ive created an interactive Blog website using React , React Router and Redux.
The website has been deployed to Netlify and is accessable through the following link:

How it works:
The backbone for state management is Redux, acting as an internal database in the absence of an external one, thereby streamlining application state and logic.
Using Redux, ive created an initial data to be displayed on the website, including the Forums, Subjects and around 1-3 posts for every subject.
The user is able to interact with the website and register, create new posts, comments and more, when everything is stored in the user’s local storage. Therefore, once the user is clearing his local storage, the website goes back to initial state.

Key Features:

  1. User Authentication:
  • Login/Register: With just a unique username and no password, users can easily step into the world of our Blog Website. Registration grants access to a plethora of website features.
  • Logout: A secure exit gateway ensuring sessions are terminated safely.
  1. Favorites: A special corner for users to bookmark posts of their liking. All such posts can be swiftly accessed with a click on the ‘Favorites’ icon in the primary layout.
  2. Search Functionality: Equipped with a ubiquitous search bar, users can expediently pinpoint posts throughout the platform. The sought-after post is merely a click away from the search results.
  3. Navigation Progress Bar: Monitor your navigational route on the website. This intuitive feature maps out your path and lets you hop back to any phase of your journey in a jiffy. This bar is prominently positioned within the main website interface.
  4. Content Creation & Management:
  • New Post Creation: Amplify the platform’s content by posting new material relevant to a particular forum. A title and main body are the only prerequisites for a post.
  • Post Edit/Delete: Content curators possess the liberty to revise or eradicate their posts. Erasing a post ensures its absolute removal, while editing allows alteration of the title and main content.
  1. Engagement Platform:
  • Comments: Augment the interactivity by annotating posts. This privilege is exclusively for registered users, ensuring authentic participation.
  • Comment Management: Commentators solely have the discretion to delete their comments, thus maintaining content integrity.

I would love to hear some feedback and suggestions!

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