Final project HTML and CSS Pro - Feedback welcome!

Hi Everybody!

I have just finished my first ever website. You can have a look at it :

I found it super interesting to have to code from scratch all a web site and go live with it. Of course, there’s a lot to improve but my test indicated that everything is functionnal and that the responsiveness is there (at least on my Iphone and Ipad!).

Thank you for your feed back!

Bye Marise


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Hi Marise (@marisestp),

:tada: Congratulations looking good :clap:


Hi :slight_smile:

The design it’s pretty simple, but for the purpose of the project, it works just fine.
The code its fine (no errors at least on my pc and phone), you have interaction with the elements, so nice job.

I would recommend an update: Make your menu collapse on mobile.

Thank you very much Ricardo for taking the time to review and comment. I will give a try to your suggestion and see if I can adapt the menu for mobile.


Hello Marise,

Really nice and clean website, love it well of course if you can add more things that will be,
in the future. For now, the third image link doesnt work Im using my laptop, thumps up for you!

Thank you ivansing2 to have taken the time to have a look. Are you talking about the third image in the home page? The one in blue saying “A venir bientôt” ? If so, there is no link in this image because it said “coming soon” and there is not yet another project to show off…

But maybe your talking about another image. So if you could indicate me the one who have a broken link (everything work fine when I make test from home) I would be glad to fix it.

Thank a lot for you comments

Hello Marise,

Ohhh no yes you have the right for upcoming project nevermind dear
everithing in your website is full working have
a good one and congratulations again nice beatiful work.


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Thank you very much for the quick answer

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