Final project - Full stack Path (seeking reviews / feedback)


I’m about to finish the full stack path and just finish my end of course project.

I created an app to browse the history of real estate deals in France, and display it in a grid as well as on a map.

Github Repo :
Deployed version :

I’ve also deployed it on heroku but since it’s free tier is ending I was not sure about leaving it there, so i switched to (much worse expérience than with heroku).

I used the following stack :

Client: React, MUI (for the design components), google-map-react (to display the deals on a map),

Server: Node, Express, Passport (for authentication management), Node-postgres (for storing user information), Redis (for storing session data).

I would be greatful to get any sort of feed back / code reviews.

Happy coding,


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Hi Leo! I’m the Developer Community Manager at Render. I’m glad you were able to try the platform out…and curious about what kinds of challenges you encountered that made it feel like a worse experience for you as a developer. Did you use a guide to help you do the migration or did you figure it out some other way? Feel free to email me ([email protected]) with any feedback. I’ll be sure to take a look at your project…especially because I found it challenging to work with google-map-react on one of my portfolio projects. Have you thought about a way to make it easier for someone to start using your app if they aren’t familiar with addresses in France? Could there be a map they place a pin on to see a list of nearby properties?

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Not much helpful to say, since you’re above my abilities, other than it looks excellent. It’s clean, simple, professional-looking. Code is well-organized.

Too bad about Heroku.

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Thanks Alan, much appreciated. Yeah deploying without heroku is another story, but in the end it forces us to understand more about deployement I feel.

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