Final Project Filezilla and DISCOUNT!


Hey everyone, I just finished the final project and I decided to look at the forms and I noticed some peoples websites were not viewable which leads me to think that they purchased a 3 month web hosting plan for the normal discounted* price. I found a discount code ( think it was "cjcgnc1hs") @ GoDaddy for a 12 month web hosting subscription for only $1 a month with a free domain, so you save another $1! The total came out to $12 and some change for a full years subscription. Anyways, just though I'd help someone potentially save a few dollars.

Extra info that could save you some time:
---While my website ("index.html") worked fine loading in the browser I realized that when using filezilla to transfer it, it turns out that the documents are also case sensitive which resulted in my .css file and .pages files not to synchronize properly because the folders were named "CSS" and "Pages" (capital instead of being lower case)
You live and you learn. lol.

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