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Hi everyone, so my portofolio ain’t out yet, but i have created this site for a friend who owns a transport company. He asked me to make a site as simple as it can be and to make the visitor think of the words futuristic and serious, si i choosed the colors the background pic and the texts. I used bootstrap correctly so it’s responsive and works well on mobile too. I would like you to check it out and give some feedback, maybe tell me about the colors if they’re unpleasant or if you know a font-family which could work better on this design, all constructive feedback is welcome. Until now all i learned is HTML/CSS, and it’s all i used ofcourse.
Thanks for your time, you guys are the best (feminazis gonna attack me).
Hope to hear from you,



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a site being mobile responsive (looking good on mobile) is very important these days, lets have a look:

I know, this is a lot of work. I know this not really constructive feedback, but that depends on you want your page to look on a smaller screen

wow this is what it gives you? I tried it on chrome devtools responsiveness, all worked well for every mobile phone. What mobile phone you have please? I’ll get on it right away. Thanks a lot for telling me.on horizontal view i’m sure it would work for you to, you must be on vertical view but still, i’ll get to that right away, just tell me th model of phone please. Thanks again.

i will try on mobile as well, this was just on my laptop on half windows screen size.

is there OS/browser detection in the code?

no no, no browser detection in the code, but i’ll look it up right away to understand what you’re saying, it’s true that there is a point in responsiveness where it’s viewed as you showed me, but i can’t find how to fix it and i betted on the fact that people don’t usually stay with 1/3 opened browser, so yeah you’ve got me there. Thanks for the browser detection thingy, i’ll check that out…
So i checked that out : Needs mastery of Javascript, i ain’t there yet, as i mentioned all i know is HTML/CSS, i will learn about thind fix the bug, Thanks for feedback and for your time, it’s well appreciated.

let me see if i can shed some light on it. Oh, you might want to shrink pic2.jpg a little bit (there are tools for this), 10MB is a lot. I know it is your background image, but still

what if you add this to your website:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

bootstrap recommends it, for good zoom and view. I think then you design on mobile also looks roughly the same as the images i uploaded, given when i looked it at mobile, it just looked completely zoomed out.

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do i add this to the background picture or in the head. I will shrink the photo right now.

meta tags always belong in the <head></head>

on mobile, your page just looked completely zoomed out.

For example, in your header you have a col-xs-12 and col-xs-8, which i don’t find very logic? 12 is the max width, so then you should have 12 and 12, or 6 and 6 (or 8 and 4)

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I see what you meant there, i’ll get to work to fix all this, i don’t even know how to thank you enough, it’s important for me to start out being good at responsiveness, so yeah your help is enormously appreciated. Thanks a lot.

It’s a little too much, i would have to change everything just because i input the meta code you showed me, that messe up all of it, there must be another way to make it better without having to change all the coding. For now i’ll just leave it as is, works fine full screen and mobile. I’ll come back to deal whit this when i’ll learn more.

yea, but if you do code it differently you can have a beautiful scaled website which isn’t zoomed out that much

But yes, that is a lot of work, i know, but i wanted it to give it to you as feedback, didn’t say you immediately had to deal with it.

Also, if you have time, this is a good read :slight_smile:

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So i couldn’t just accept being bad at something, i sat down and read all you sent me and i rebuilt the site, there we’re little mistakes but of huge importance, could you take another glance at it please? I think this time i got it good, and please be the same and tell me if something’s wrong with it, thanks again for all your time.

did you use the zoom thing i recommend it? Wow, you really took your time for it, it is looking much better :smiley:

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The website it’s responsive.
You have interaction in the elements.
No codes error that i noticed.

So that part it’s fine, but i think you should ask someone (or try yourself) to make a new design.

he made it responsive, it wasn’t at first, but for this to do, he already had to change the whole layout and all classes to make it fit, pretty impressive.