Final Job with HTML/CSS

Hi partners I’m done with the final project of HTML/CSS, and this is the result please, tell me what you think about it

Hey Darwin,

That looks pretty good!
There’s obviously a bunch of stuff you can improve (there always is :angry:), I like it - it’s nice and simple :slight_smile:

If you’re looking to go even further, I’ve got a few suggestions :slightly_smiling::

  • “Smart quotes!”, not “dumb quotes”. See how the smart quotes kind of curve? I’d recommend you use those for your main quote on the home page. “ => , ” => .
  • A link back to the homepage somewhere on any of the other pages would be nice. Nevermind, I just noticed it - it’s next to the rest of the nav links :slight_smile:
  • Perhaps min-height: 100vh; on <body> in the CSS, so the background image is always full height.

Have fun continuing to expand your programming knowledge!


Error page in here :S