Final Html project


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Just finished up. Looking for feedback. Thanks.

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Hey Larry, well done! :muscle: :slight_smile:

I’d like to point out a couple of things …

  1. I believe font size could be increased a bit
  2. Vertical spacing in some places appears too generous to me :smiley:
  3. What is the purpose of contact form since you provide you email? By the way, I tried to use it and nothing happens when I click [ Send ].
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Hey, thanks for the feedback. haha, I put the contact on there to use it going forward. It’s kind of a placeholder right now, but I guess I should take it off since it can’t be used. I thought it looked cool to have one. ha

Taking it down is easy! Try making it work :smiley:

:grin:My hope was to have it working sometime in the future, but I haven’t learned how to do that yet. Soon!

I may take it off until then…

The easiest way to make it work is All you will have to do is to specify a couple of attributes in your form. Then, verify your email and you are ready to receive incoming messages :thumbsup:

P.S. I took me 5 minutes to add this functionality to my own personal website. Try it :wink:

Looks good!

I wonder if a simple sans-serif font would go nice with the serif font you have at the moment. eg serif titles and sans-serif paragraphs. Might be worth a try.

Smooth scroll is nice.

The blue ‘Check out my game for codecademy javascript project’ text is harsh against orange.

Some images are quite large, you may want to try an image compressor. There’s several online.

Works well on mobile. However, on a minor note, when I tested it in Googles page speed test they rendered it differently, so it’s possible there’s some (likely older) mobile browsers that render it a bit different. I imagine the majority of of devices would be fine though.

On line 166 &copy should be &copy;

Nice work. Very impressive for just 2-3 months learning code!