Final HTML/CSS project


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Hello, everyone! I completed this profile site almost a year ago after completing the course but I always appreciate new feedback. I went with a spacey/Star Wars theme and will be continuously adding elements over the next few days.


I think it’s great! The design is very consistent and most of the info is clear, although I was a bit unsure what you specialise in?

I did some thorough testing on the site and found a few issues:

I’d recommend adding alt attributes to images, especially since you mention designing for the visually impaired.

HTTPS is gradually becoming more important. Lets Encrypt is an easy way to set it up.

Because you have a lot of images, it might be good to consider CSS image sprites.

Some would say it’s best to combine CSS and JS into fewer files, however if your using http/2 this is less important.

If SEO is important to you, you may want to run this test:
The main SEO issues imo:

  • No meta description
  • Would be good to get some more relevant keywords in there (but don’t go overboard). Adding a couple keywords in meta description will help, but I think part of the issue is that Google struggles to read special characters.
  • Consider connecting your website to social media

There was a time when this was critical since it was where search engines looked for a description of the page to print with the serp link. However, it got way abused and Google (for one) began searching the page text for a description or relevant snippet.

Definitely agree with putting the alt attribute on all img tags. If it is window dressing then leave the quotes empty.