Final HTML/CSS project feed back?


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No errors


I think my CSS game needs to improve A LOT!! please let me know if you have any feedback

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col-md-x (x being a number 1-12), is only for large screens, you might also want to use col-xs-x and col-sm-x for smaller and middle screen to maintain colunms

Hi :slight_smile:

Nice job, except for one thing.
You have no interaction between the elements. You can use :hover in your css to create them.

The mobile works fine.
The photos are nice.
The structure it’s fine.
The Code is fine.

I suggest an update: Collapse your menu on mobile.

Como aprendiste a hacer todo eso???
Aprendiste solamente en codecademy?
Soy de Tijuana México
Porfavo ocupó un poco de asesoría

you can learn most of this at the projects, and there are many other resources on the internet. emphasized text

Which project do you recomend?
One that you know that is complete and efective, greetings!

all of them? There is too much to put in one project. You can also read the bootstrap documentation (link), that also helps

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