Final data scientist project: Biscay bay weather forecast project

Hi! This project has the purpose to predict the weather (wind’s force and direction) into the Biscay bay in France.
The rough data used for that work are here:

Inside this repository you’ll find a package (meteo_marine_traitement) able to clean, convert, trim and store data ready for sklearn and its notice in english. You’'ll find a notebook too.

The best score i got was with a dataset of all the variables, 3 days per row and a RandomForestClassifier model. I have tried deep learning with keras on it, using a MPC framework but the score is almost the same. Maybe RNN framework would be a good option to improve the score because each row is sequential in time…

To improve it i have found a website with data about energy production from sun panels in France; maybe a little lane to find a link between that and cloud cover…

Here is the adress on github:

advices and comments are welcomed !

(i’ve almost forgotten, if you are interested i have done a similar work on the weather above the north ouest of France, i can translate it in english and display it with a notebook if you want)