Filtering data from Excel (.xlsx) with Python


I would like some guidance in a way to filter data from an excel sheet (.xlsx)

I will be exporting an extensive table from a website with 400x20 infos. In this sheet, I need to apply 3 or 4 filters and collect the amount of info it shows then. Eg.:

1 - Export .xlsx from website
2 - Run python to filter
2.1 - Filter by client A
2.2 - Filter by task A
2.3 - Filter by Person A
3 - Repeat filter for different clients, tasks and persons
4 - Collect the amount each person does inside each client.

Please Help guide my through a starting point :pensive:

Thank you,
Lucas R. Mascia

Hi @brainstorm_.

Is there a particular reason you need to do the filtering in Python? Excel already have some filtering abilities.

Or if you absolutely need to mangle data into Python later on, you could filter right in Excel and then export to a database or as cvs or text?