Film Finder Error_getMovies

Hi I seem to be having an issues with the getMovies part of project.

I keep getting Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (), when I console.log(jsonResponse).
Please help. I tried debugging it and it seems selectedGenre doesn’t return any response or value.

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this does not give a proper idea plz share file

thanks for responding. this a link with the code

In script.js file

line modification

1 add API key
2 Remove slash after 3 ‘
31 after chacking json response remove console.log
31 return movies
38 remove getMovies() function call

you are getting 401 error at line 10 27 becoz of url path
look at : error: 401

I hope it will help :)
if any dought feel free to get help thanks!


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Thanks so much. it worked. I am so grateful.

:vulcan_salute:Nice to hear that it helped :)
by the way where are you from?
I’m from India…!
if you need any code review you can share it to me and may be you can review mine :technologist:

I am from Ghana. Surething will be happy to share and review code with you.

I had the same issue too. Thanks for this!

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Thank you, it helped)