FileNotFound error in Intro to Pytorch checkpoint 3

Intro to Pytorch and Neural Networks
Checkpoint 3, Page 2
Error: FileNotFoundError

Summary of the report
Instructions for checkpoint 3 say that the apartments_df file is already created:

“3. In the Checkpoint 3 code cell, we’ve already added code to create a DataFrame named apartments_df. This array includes data on rent, size, and age of the apartments in our dataset.”

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Steps to Reproduce:
However, when I run, save, and test the code, I get a FileNotFoundError for the apartments_df file:

“FileNotFoundError Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[6], line 2
1 # import the dataset using pandas
----> 2 apartments_df = pd.read_csv(“streeteasy.csv”)”

Fix or Workaround:
I copied the imports from checkpoint 1 in checkpoint 3. Since checkpoint 2 didn’t require that, it’s non-intuitive.

You can report bugs within the lesson itself. It’s under Get Unstuck > Bugs. That way, someone from CC will actually see it.

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