[File manager] - Multiple issues


  • No file move
  • Delete a files don’t close it in the editor
  • Files with the same name have no hint on their directory
  • No warning when closing a modified file
  • No hint on the folder where a new file is created. The are randomly created in the root dir.

The long way - how to regroup all these issues in one run:

  • Directives tells me to create file x in folder y
    • I select folder y, create a new x file.
  • Then I edit the file and save it.
  • I see that the file was created in the root directory instead of y. Nice, as it randomly happens
  • As I can’t move the file, I create a new one in y dir. It works. I copy/paste the content of the first file
  • I remove the first file
  • As it’s still open in the editor I have to close it.
  • As there is no clue on the folder of two files with the same name, I have to close the two files
  • As there is no prompt on file close with unsaved changes, I save my two versions
  • As I save, the freshly deleted file is re-created.
  • I close both files
  • I re-delete the old-new one.
    • As i select it, it opens
    • I delete
    • I close the file.
  • Then, i open the new file and continue working.

Wow ! that’s a lot of steps to delete a file!