Figuring out where to go


Not even sure if I'm in the right section to ask this, but...

I started using Codecademy well over a month ago and find it pretty good to actually find a website that teaches you the ins and outs of anything and everything coding. I just have only a couple of questions. I've always been interested in coding when I was a teen. I fooled around with designing a few websites with minimal html(Geocities, Angelfire). I didn't really get back into doing this until when I signed up. I want to be able to learn as much as possible and from there be able to do freelance work. What are some tips I would need to know or what would I need to have in order to become a freelance developer/designer? Or does anyone know someone or some people to point me in the right direction?


If you are interested in any computer theory or security, two good websites are: and

I would also recommend that you read all the books that you can.

A good author for learning Programming Languages is:

Tony Gaddis

He does basics in almost all major languages.

Also, two great YouTube channels are:

MyBringBack and Derek Banas

Hope this helps you find what you want! :slightly_smiling:


If you wanna stay relatively local to Codecademy, you need Zeke (@zystvan) or stetim94 (@stetim94)- They're both good at websitey stuff and should be able to answer questions.