Fetch a sound to play!


Hello everyone,

I have stuck at lesson 5 in learning "using the sound cloud api". I have done what was exactly recommended there and it throws an error stating "Oops, try again. Set the div#player to the track title".

Am i missing anything, please provide me a solution :slight_smile:



can anyone here help me with this?


I'd be glad to help. I assume you have not registered an application via Soundcloud? If not, please follow these directions:

  • Visit http://soundcloud.com/you/apps.
  • Click 'Register an application' and fill out the form.
  • Copy the Client ID hash.
  • Paste the hash into the script.js file where it says YOUR_CLIENT_ID.


@itschrisburton , Thanks mate :slight_smile:


My pleasure. Let me know if you need further clarification.


sure I'll get back to you if any :slight_smile: