Feeling overwhelmed!

Hello everyone. I feel a little bit off the pace. Ever since I started with Codecademy everything was fine.
Right now in my full stack journey I learn more and more complex skills. And looking back I learned everything without skipping phases. Every time when there is a new lesson there are documentations and exercises to complete. I personally feel that these exercises are way to complex and contain things that I never used and I don’t know how to use. And in order to complete these exercises I use the tips and the solutions. Same with the projects at the end of a lesson. I get every time a high score in the quiz, but when it comes to doing the projects it is very complex, and the only way I complete these projects is by reading every step, using tips and watching the videos because I don’t really understand the given code and everything in it. It just slows my learning pace and I feel very overwhelmed and can’t put my mind to solve and learn.
I would be very thankful for every tip and solution.


Awww, please know that you’re not alone. I do also feel the same way as I make my way through lessons in my path, and other learners too!

But being able to be consistent in your learning despite feeling overwhelmed is something that you should be proud of! It just shows your dedication to learn. I commend you for that :smile:

It’s not always sunshine in learning haha and it’s normal. There are lessons each of us might perceive as challenging, but what matters is you don’t stop.

Projects are meant to challenge us, especially those open-ended requirements. So it’s natural not to know how to tackle it outright when you start working on it. And that what makes you to be a good developer, to be a problem-solver.

And because you’re already doing research in times of your setbacks, you’re are completely in the right track. Doing research, searching for references, and also asking questions to forums such as Stack Overflow and here at Codecademy is all you need.

You could also try connecting to other experienced developers, who can help you in your projects.

I personally reached out to some of my acquaintances to ask some advice on how to solve a specific problem in doing my projects. There are a huge help when I really get frustrated on an error.

Hope this helps. Happy learning!


I also feel the same way and find it hard to remember a lot of the content so you are not alone!

Here’s are some tips that have helped me:

  • Just keep going without worrying too much about remembering everything or how much progress is made.
  • Doing parts of the courses again sometimes.
  • Trying other courses as there is often overlap in the content and nice to have a change sometimes.
  • Doing study sessions with other coders.
  • Reflect on how far you have come and what you’ve learnt so far, might be quite surprising!

Hope some of these can help and good luck! :heart:


Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed is normal. Coding is hard. Thinking computationally is a learned skill that takes time & repetition/practice.


  • know when to take a break and go do something else. It’s often when we allow our brains to think about something else, we come back to the code and see it differently & figure it out.

In addition to the advice here, I highly recommend perusing the forums as there are similar posts with helpful advice from other learners and seasoned professionals.

I wish you luck!


I’d just like to say how useful I found all the comments on this thread. I was definitely feeling overwhelmed with the stage I had got to on the full stack course, and it was very helpful to read others’ experiences and think about options. I have now gone back to the lessons that I had started feeling I had forgotten / hadn’t understood properly the first time, and I am now working through my blocks and enjoying learning to code again.

I think part of it was that the first few months were relatively easy, so I didn’t notice the difficulty levels rising to an uncomfortable level over the next few months. Now I feel empowered to learn at my own speed, and go back over things which have become fuzzy, so that I feel more confident going forward!

So thanks to everyone who participated in this discussion!