Feeling lost with where to go! (How to build a career & what to learn next?)


Hi Codecademy friends! (You're all helpful and lovely any time I post, so you're all friends! You don't have a choice!)

A few years ago, I found this site and started working through the HTML & CSS modules. HTML was something I was always interested in as a child but never developed my knowledge in much as I didn't know where I could build my knowledge (we're talking 13 years ago, I asked my school/college/university as I got older and was told it was something they didn't offer, then at university they couldn't offer as I had no qualifications).

So fast forward to now. I'm 25, I've taken a few accredited "beginner diplomas" in web development and know a few web dev basics. I'm currently finishing the JavaScript & PHP courses on here, then looking to move onto jQuery. My dream has always been to become a web developer, but until recently I felt I didn't have time. I've left my job and am really looking to build a career in this. I've always loved it, but just felt lost as to how to go about it!

This brings me to my question. Where do I even begin to start with what to learn next? When am I likely to be ready to start building my own websites? At the moment I feel like there's always going to be too much more to learn. I feel like at any point I start building anything I'm always going to want to stop and move on to learn something new, and I'll never get a project finished! I'm at the point where I'm worried I've made a huge mistake leaving my job and trying to focus on this!

Does anyone have any tips or advice on what to learn, what point to stop learning and just go for it? Can anyone suggest things that are necessary to learn before just going for it?

I'm determined to make it, just worrying about my decisions! Thanks everyone for any advice or tips! The stories from this community are inspiring! Hopefully one day this can be me! I'd love to be able to have the career I've dreamed of since I was a child!


Hey @daniellestarr

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I would suggest as you are studying new languages carry on practicing what you know, example now with your knowledge of HTML & CSS you can create websites.

  • Starting of your career you can have a look at freelance websites and see what projects fit your qualifications and apply for them.

As you learn PHP, JS & jQuery you can practice and include in your websites.

Have a look at these sites:

Hope this helps :green_heart:



Thank you! :blue_heart:

It feels so easy to get lost when there's such a vast amount of knowledge available in these subjects! It's never ending so knowing when you know enough and where to focus efforts is extremely difficult!