Feeling confused

Hi everyone, Im Brad. I have been feeling very unmotivated lately. It feels like I understand the content when going through the full stack program, but when it comes time to do the projects I completely blank on everything. Any recommendations help, I’m not trying to memorize everything, it just feels like during the project’s and challenge’s I can’t recall any of the information I have learned. Sorry for the rant, Thanks

Hey Brad,

I am a new user of Codecademy and honestly, the only reason I signed up for it was to stay fresh on my knowledge and maybe learn some new topics.

In regard to your issue, I can honestly say that I too have felt like this, and speaking for most developers, this is a very common thing to feel when starting off. The best advice I have for you would be to keep going. Repetition in this industry is your best friend. If it helps at all, before evening beginning the writing process for your code, try to picture in your head what it is your trying to accomplish and understand the solution. I have a small whiteboard in my office that I use to write pseudo code and map out how I want to approach a problem. It can be helpful to have a documented path to a solution before writing the code as essentially all you will need to do is fill in the puzzle pieces with your code.

Another thing to try would be cooperative coding. Coding by yourself can be hard especially when starting. Working in pairs or small teams adds a different element that introduces tons of new avenues and alternative solutions that you may not have thought of and I find it keeps me more engaged with my project.

Feel free to shoot me a DM if you get stuck with anything and I can try to help out! I probably won’t give you the answer, but ill help you get there.

Hope this helps!
P.S. Just remember this… Your ability to code is your ability to Google :wink:


Hey Brad,

You are not alone in feeling like this when you come upon a project. Just start and reach out for help when you are lost. Include the link to the exercise, discuss your attempts. Sometimes it helps to just talk it out.

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