Feedback: the weekly target feature doesn't account for working on offline portfolio projects

When you get to the end of a big chunk of your path and have to complete a portfolio project on your own PC, you lose your weekly target streak because there is no way to quickly check in and say “hey, I’m here, I’m working on my project offline!” - the only way to log activity is to move forward in your path.

When you are on a portfolio project there should be a way to ‘check in’ and keep your streak alive even if you’re working on something offline.

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Hey @samanthasouthwood909, thanks for the feedback – you’ve got a point here! Tagging @richiewu, product manager at Codecademy, who works directly on this feature. Richie, any plans to add a check-in feature to weekly targets?

Hey @samanthasouthwood909 thank you for the feedback! we will definitely take this into consideration!

Meanwhile, I’d recommend you reviewing some practice packs in your path if you’re currently working on an offline project so that you can stay refreshed on your learning while earning weekly target days!

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This feature is inconsistent, but the solution already exists. Some of the offsite projects include a kanban board which will count as an activity when a card is moved along the board, but other boards do not count. Of course, when actually doing the coding work (which for some projects can take a week or more), the board doesn’t break down the coding section into discrete steps (for a very good reason: an offsite project is our own thing, we shouldn’t be shoehorned into a pre-designed process), so this isn’t a perfect solution, but it does exist in some courses already.

I suggest allowing us the ability to add cards or tasks to existing cards on the board, and allow those tasks to be considered as a completion activity.