Feedback/Suggestion: Are you for real?

Hello there,

I am paying 36$ per Month to get an all-inclusive information but I noticed something on the Front End Dev stack. There was an advertisement of this book: HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

Why is there an advertisement? I already expected I’ll get all the informations right on Codeacademy. Please delete this advertisement and add these informations to codeacademy itself.

It’s not really an advertisement per say, more of an optional additional source which one may look into purchasing. From what I have completed so farad having read the chapters within the suggested book, i feel that the information provided by Codecademy alone is more than adequate and the book is not required.

One can also always utilise the internet to explore any topics you might be interested in further depth.

Again, all the additional suggested reading material is optional and not required.