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Hello everyone

I have now completed this project and added few twist. Pls any feedback appreciated, semantically, visuals etc.

website :

Github Code:

happy coding

Hi, nice job!
In terms of visuals I would say that in the blue top section you have a text that may have accessibility issues since its constrast with the background may not be enough, I would make the text lighter (like the name above). It would also help if that text has some padding-bottom or if the blue container itself has some padding-bottom (I prefer this option).

Checking the code I see two things to improve:

  1. You have a div with a class “Header”. It would be better if you use instead the semantic element .
  2. You can insert a title in the of the HTML. Like this the browser tab will look better and your file will have an awesome name!

Keep it up!

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many thanks for the feedback, I couldn’t have missed out title which is so important, now added.

Also the codes in the question given were not semantically correct and the problem just asked to do few bits and piece here to show understanding of the topic. The codes they give should have been semantically correct in the first place.

For instance the top header is set to azure and the paragraph is asked to be made to have opacity of 50% which counters the contrast.

Nevertheless, I try to understand the rules, wishing projects set follows the rule at first.

Many thanks

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