Feedback on the newest Codecademy Go app update

Didn’t see a topic here on the forums discussing this newest update, but I love the AI generated practices the app offers now based on the content you’ve completed here on the website.

I also love that there’s an ability to hide concepts that are solidified instead of repeating old content that you’ve already mastered, which was a problem the old app version had.

Overall great work CC team :clap:. Thank you for the much desired update!

When you updated the app, did it remove your previous days’ progress, or was it kept intact?
I’d hate for it to remove the 1000+ day streak I have going… :nerd_face:

It was kept intact. There shouldn’t be an issue with your streak if you update the app.


Thanks so much for the feedback! I’m on the team that worked on the app; we figured that it was worth spending a bit more time upgrading the app and not just fixing the compatibility issues, so it’s gratifying to hear a positive review. Do keep letting us know your thoughts. :slight_smile: