Feedback on reports

Hi !

Is there a way to have a feedback on reported items ?

It’s a bit annoying to be stuck on a course because of platform issues and not having any clue on the reports we made…


If you were to report a problem here on the forum: #Codecademy-Community-Lounge:Codecademy-Platform-Problems-and-Suggestions you should get an update or a report back depending on what/if the engineers give us any comment.


Thank you for your answer, but I was spaking about reports made with the bug report system, in courses/projects:

But if posting the issues here is a better solution, i’ll stick to it !

Hi Manuel Tancoigne (@mtancoigne),

I contacted the team in charge.

Nope there’s no way to view a list or track the reports,
Feedback is not normally given.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, so I have the feeling of reporting to /dev/null :slight_smile:

(sorry for my late answer, I had to wait hours before i was allowed to post a response, as i’m a new user)

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Some days that just about sums it up. :wink:

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