Feedback On My Personal Portfolio

Hey guys!, I just deployed my personal portfolio and I satisfied with the results until now. This is the first version and it doesn’t have more projects because I want to merge it with a back end.

It took me 2 weeks because now I begin designing entirely any web app from scratch. It wasn’t easy and it’s not the best design in the world but I think it communicates what I want to.

So, the app is made in React because I finished the free course in freecodecamp three weeks ago and I wanted to practice. I used SCSS for the styles and some animations were used from the animate.css api.

I hope you like my portfolio but it’s not finished yet. I really enjoyed this and I took advantage of this codeacademy project to create my official portfolio, so I’m really happy for this.

Here the Github page:

Feel free to give me a feedback and thank for it in advance.

Happy Coding! :star_struck: :love_you_gesture:t3:



You’ve done such an amazing job here. I love the color scheme (orange, white, and black), you’ve paired them very well and used them in the right places. The animation is mind-blowingly smooth. Your fonts are perfect, as well as your spacing and font size. Overall, this is so impressive, great job!!

Congratulations on finishing your portfolio!! :partying_face:

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