Feedback on my mixed messages project?

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are doing well on your learning journey. I just finished the Mixed Messages portfolio project and would like some feedback on things I could’ve done to make my code more efficient or add functionality. Anything would be appreciated! Thank you!

This is the Github repo: GitHub - Dmigit/Mixed-Messages-Portfolio-Project

//Tells the user that the message has been generated!
console.log('Generated inspirational message↓');

   Creating an object to store the three parts of the random inspirational message. 
   Elements will be mixed and matched but the parts will always go in order
const messageParts = {
    firstPart: ["You should never fear because ", "The sun always shines when ", "Turn that frown upside down because "],
    secondPart: ["everything in life happens for a reason ", "you are you ", "life is beautiful "],
    thirdPart: ["and all will be well in the end.", "and you'll reach your dreams faster than you think.", "and you are loved."],

//Creating logic for randomly matching elements from the three parts of the message
let generateRandomNumber = () => { 
    return Math.floor(Math.random() * 3);
const generateRandomMessage = messageParts => {
    const randomFirstPart = messageParts.firstPart[generateRandomNumber()];
    const randomSecondPart = messageParts.secondPart[generateRandomNumber()];
    const randomThirdPart = messageParts.thirdPart[generateRandomNumber()];
    let randomMessage = randomFirstPart.concat(randomSecondPart, randomThirdPart);
    return randomMessage;

//Creating a function to make sure that the message is different every time!
const combinationsUsed = [];
const outputMessage = message => {
    if (combinationsUsed.indexOf(message) === -1) {
        combinationsUsed.push(message); //makes sure combination isn't used again
        return message; //what the user sees! 
    } else if (message in combinationsUsed) {
        outputMessage(); //recursive call to try again with a new message 
    } else if (combinationsUsed.length === 84) {
        console.log('You\'ve been 100% inspired already!'); // prints if all of the possible combinations have been used(84)

//Using generateRandomMessage() to output inspirational message to user!

I like how you made it so you don’t get the same message every time! I would suggest instead of making it just a number 84, instead getting the length of each array from your object and multiplying them together. This way if you ever want to add more messages in the future it’s super simple and you don’t even have to think about the number! I mean, I guess unless you add too many and the integer wraps around or throws an error (don’t actually know how that works in javascript)