Feedback on mixed messages

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    this took me about an half hour lmk what you think
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[codebyte ]js
const randomMessage = {

randomWisdom :“null”,

randomSign : “null”,




prediction:['staying in','going out','partying','gambleing'],

randomNumber(arry){ return Math.floor(Math.random()*arry.length)}


randomMessage.randomWisdom = randomMessage.wisdom[randomMessage.randomNumber(randomMessage.wisdom)]

randomMessage.randomSign = randomMessage.sign[randomMessage.randomNumber(randomMessage.sign)]

randomMessage.randomPrediction = randomMessage.prediction[randomMessage.randomNumber(randomMessage.prediction)]

console.log( You will find great ${randomMessage.randomWisdom} today. The ${randomMessage.randomSign} looks over you. Spend the day ${randomMessage.randomPrediction})