Feedback on Learn JavaScript course - Sleep debt calculator

Hi! I just wanted to give a little feedback on one of the projects in the Learn JavaScript course.

It’s the ‘Sleep debt calculator’ from the ‘Learn functions’ unit, and I have to say that I really don’t like it as a project. Even to me as a relative beginner, I can see that it’s not at all a realistic way to approach the problem. It involves typing out manually repeated calls of the same function in a way that immediately makes you think “there must be a loop to do this better!”.

Similarly, it gets the learner to hard code a load of values into a long switch-case statement that could probably be better handled as key-value pairs in an object. Personally, to me as a learner, this kind of task feels a little like pointless busy-work and maybe even encourages bad practice.

I appreciate that you have to come up with projects that reinforce the content of the lessons without depending on additional knowledge from outside the course, and I’m able to suspend my disbelief most of the time! However, on this occasion, it just felt really obvious from the beginning that this wasn’t at all a realistic way of tackling the problem presented.

Thanks for your time!