Feedback - How do you best learn using Codecademy?


I’ve been pretty start and stop with Codecademy.

It doesn’t stick with me just going through the programme, then doing the projects as is (I’m a pro member).
Because it’s like being spoon fed I guess. I’m picking stuff up, but it’s in a sandbox. Ask me ‘how would you do’ something, in the past, I really have to think about it.

I’m finding what works for me, is a do a module. Take notes. Once you’ve completed the module. Reset the whole lot and see if you can go through it without looking at the prompts, or hints. When I feel I got it, then do the quiz.

When it comes to the Projects, read what the project is and then write up the solution in Pseudocode. DON’T look at the walkthrough, step by step instruction. Even though this process takes longer. It just takes the learning out of the sandbox and I feel I can apply it to the real world. Particularly as a recruiter, clients want to know first your thinking, before you translate it into code.

I try to make it as few steps as possible. Then I code it up.

I use the free space that’s available at the end of each module, the blank space next to the module’s review. To practice the answer to the Project. Once I have it working I check with how Codecademy does it.

Then, I have a group of friends who are learning the same thing and we meet up online and go through the projects together - evaluate each others’ work on the project. Clarify what we don’t understand. This makes it much more fun. It also puts pressure on us to do our work before we meet up.

This is working for me and I’m finding I’m sticking it to it much better.

I like the new design of the training, I think its much better.
If I had a wish I would like more practice challenges pitched to each level, without step by step instructions if necessary just give the answer, if it’s not obvious what the outcome should be. And an empty space so we can practice our coding on these little snippet challenges.


This is a very good way of learning i think.

Personally i like to just dive into stuff and try to make something work. I use codecadamy to learn the basics of a new language so i am able to understand what i am reading. The logic between these languages don’t change that often.

Maybe you are looking for something like this:

It is a website with tons of little code chalanges. There is scoring in there aswell so the challanges slowly become more challanging when your score go’s up


Everybody learns best a different way. You find a way that works best for you. That may not be a super-good answer, but something that works for me may not work as good for you.

My way is I learn, then create a code on what I just learned.

I hope this helps =)


Hey, Codewars! Perfect, thanks for this link :slight_smile:


Thanks for the method to learn coding.Thanks a lot :grinning:


Learning from Codecademy feels way better than learning from other websites that use Videos to teach. I’d definitely recommend codecademy to anyone who is new and wants to learn to code.


true that. codecademy is the best :star_struck:


Not all sites use videos to teach- I know Khan Academy does though. However, Sololearn doesn’t use videos to teach.


Those are some really cool sites.Thanks :smile:


Your welcome @swali1 =)