Feedback for my Portfolio

Hey gang, really stoked to have finally finished my portfolio site.
Its the first site i have built after completing the web development path.

let me know what you think


Welcome to the Forums!
Hooray for creating a professional website! :partying_face:

FWIW these are some thoughts about re-arranging things on your resume.

typo on your resume here:
“Through my course i have created and implemented landing pages and submission forms with…”

I’d revise it and say, “Through my coursework I have created…”

-Also, someone suggested to me to change the education portion on my resume to “Education and Professional Development.” Under Professional Development you can list the applicable coursework that you’ve taken.

-For the Work Experience section you should list no more than three sentences as a synopsis of the position and then use bullet points for “key achievements”. Try to make the specifications related to the position that you want. Think about it like this, what skills did you use in previous positions that can be transferred over to a position as a web dev? Use action verbs like “reduced, ensured, confirmed, identified” etc. Utilize the CAR method (Challenge-Action-Result).

-For the Web Dev part, add a brief description of what you accomplished in the coursework.

I actually paid a professional (found thru a basic google search) to re-write my resume and the person who did it was in data & tech and she was incredibly helpful and it was worth it.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I really like your portfolio! It’s very clean… how long did it take you to build?

Well done for your portfolio Anders.
It has an exceptional design.
I would personally keep adding projects over time.
Congratulations once more!

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Congratulations. It’s a beautiful site.

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Love the website bro

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Great website! Would you like to work on another project?

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It’s great ! I love the design it’s simple and clear. :+1: :+1: :+1:
Wish you good luck for the next step !

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It’s not that waw but It’s still good, I like it
work on updating it