Feedback for final portfolio on the Introduction to blockchain and crypto course

hello i need some help on what i have been working on , this is a Dapp structure but i am not sure of it being correct, becouse i dont own much knowledge yet about programming so if you can give some feedback on it or tell me if its possible to create this i would much appreciate it!

The mefree metaverse

A Dapp, made on solana blockchain created with next.js and stored in aareweave.


We’ll be using the solana blokchain to build mefree

Indexing & Querying

we’ll go with KYVE, which has an integration with solana

Blockchain API

In order to actually interact with and send transactions to the blockchain, we’ll utilize the solana api. .

Wallet & Identity Management

Well i will use the arweave wallet to login and save data login info.

Off-Chain Storage

For hosting files permanently, we can utilize Arweave, which we can also utilize to host our frontend. And for database storage that doesn’t need to be on-chain, we can integrate with Gun.


next.js anchor and rust

Smart Contracts

would be from the solana api or from areweave or maybe from rust


i would use the next.js and rust(anchor)from the react library to develop

thanks and if you wanna share your ideas it could be useful to compare!

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