Feedback for Advanced Climate Change Project

Hello good people!

There seems to be fewer attempts to this exercise and I’m not too sure about what I just did due to some reasons (listed below) and you can see my final project work, with some good interactive visuals here]:

  1. The results are a bit far from true e.g the coldest temperature being 1.6ºC in the US is not believable since clearly there are many states that, as far as I’m aware, have reached temperatures well below zero. So either the data is made up or my code is faulty

  2. There seems to be very little difference in the Part 7 and 8: Quartiles Vs Quintiles; other than change in content of bucket size, not much varies between them. Is there something else I’m supposed to be noticing?

Please do have a look at the project presentation as I have put great deal of effort and any feedback on the whole project would be highly appreciated :face_holding_back_tears: #feedback #project