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Finally finished this project after hours of frustration. I am new to coding, but this was surprisingly fun and engulfing.

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The wire frame had me confused, but I constructed the page to how I interpreted it.
For the colors, I was going to try and sample BMW’s (the cars) theme, but I soon realized that I should worry about styling after the layout.
Overtime, leaving the majority of the page transparent/white felt more modern and minimalistic to me, so I left it as is and mainly styled the text.
I realize that blue is typically thought of as links in html, but hopefully with the responsiveness of other elements it shouldn’t be an issue.
For me, the overall design of the page is lacking something, but it seems alright.
Also, I wanted to add other “effects”, but apparently I need to learn something called JavaScript for that.

Any feedback is appreciated.

I like the hover states. Responsiveness looks good too.
I wouldn’t worry too much about the styling - I think it’s quite common that web developers are implementing designs as opposed to having to think of the designs themselves from scratch!

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go with the flow as they say,

thank you charlie